Our future has a lot of things to unfold and we can only predict some of the happenings of the coming decades. Among these few predictable future events, two are pretty certain namely Drastic Climate Change and Fantastic Robots. Today, we will talk about the second one. A lot of Tech-enthusiasts have come up with their startups to build as many different robots as they can. Work is in progress and as the Taj Mahal took 20 long years to be built, our Robotic world too will take time. Many of the Tech-firms are helping in making the process faster by preparing the young minds of our country for the much-needed revolution. They do so by engaging the very creative children and youth in Robot making activities by organizing some great international level competitions of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence like the World Robotics Championship, RPA Hackathon, TX Champions Trophy, TX Drone Racing and TX Bot Combat Superleague by TechnoXian. Along with the introduction of Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence courses in the education curriculum of our nation’s education system; such world level high tech events are a great way to make our students even smarter and way ahead to match up to the pace of the current world.

Let us discuss some of the most exciting and exclusive types of future robots that are in the making.



Robots that look, feel, act, behave and react just like humans. Realistic looking facial features, skin texture, hair, body design and movement are added to robots to make us feel easy to interact with them. They have sensors embedded into them to react naturally to the environmental stimulus similar to human reactivity. Non-verbal elements of communication like turning to greet after sensing the touch on the shoulder. Biological features like eyes that can move & blink like human eyeballs, muscles that can change facial expressions and chest movements that mimic breathing action are also installed to make it complete human.


Cyberpets are widely being produced and used in countries like Japan to remind the elderly to take medication on time, to be their loving companions for overcoming their loneliness and for many other purposes. These robopets are highly skilled and well programmed to follow the instructions of the owner and provide them with satisfaction.


Robot insects are being designed taking into consideration the great capabilities that we humans lack but these insects possess like vastly crawling up a smooth and high wall, adapting to changing environments by changing colours and camouflaging & showing specialised movements like flying. Robot insects are far better at serving a variety of purposes.


It seems like robots are going to become a common part of our everyday lives as these little kids who are winning Robotics competitions of the International level and are capable of making a variety of powerful and useful robots at such a young age. It’s quite imaginable that kids all around our country and the world are future-ready and the future is Robots. The Innovation Contest of the World Robotics Championship seems like the trailer of the future as we see numerous variety of robots saving electricity, baking cakes, making furniture, running like athletes, and whatnot. From sweeping the floors to cooking great food, everything can be done with perfection and accuracy with the help of these super cool and useful robots. I can already imagine a lot of perfectly made tasty food items that these error-free AI-empowered robots can make. Well, being a food lover my series of future predictions started with the mention of food but Robots will be doing anything and everything that you see all around yourself in the coming years. While I am writing this blog, I get the feeling that robots might write it in the future and not me, about some other super cool future thing that will come because robots will be the “present” then. I am sure!

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