Technoxian -

3rd Edition
28th - 30th April 2017 
Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium
New Delhi


- A creative platform for you to learn, explore and share your knowledge on Robotics & Automation. Don't miss out the Events & Awards!

In a nut shell, "we let you have fun as you learn!" We bring to you a global opportunity to participate in different competitions related to innovation, robotics, automation and many other fascinating challenge-based engineering competitions. Be a part of our events, show off your work & win prizes.

Technoxian organizes Workshops & Trainings at different educational institutions. Competitions are held on different zones for the students to be a part. Grab a chance to be selected for the global championship on different genres of engineering competitions.

Because, it's all about Learning along with Fun Activities and Amazing Awards! Attend our workshops, register for the zonal competitions and win to proceed for the global championship. Grab your chance to showcase your inventive creations and get in touch with like minds



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