World Robotics Championship

Innovation Contest

World Robotics Championship

Fastest Line Follower

World Robotics Championship


World Robotics Championship

Maze Solver

World Robotics Championship


World Robotics Championship


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World Robotics Championship

4 Days - 9 Challenges
Around 5000 RoboClub Teams from 80+ Countries worldwide gathering together to showcase mettle.
April 18, 2021
New Delhi, India

TX Champions Trophy

2 Days - 3 Challenges
Regional and National championship series among high ranking RoboClubs. 3 selected tech-challenges in each series.
Jan 2021 onwards
States and National Capital Region

BotCombat Super League

2 Days - 2 Categories
The innovation, dedication, teamwork and diversity of Bot Builder Community. Around 150 Top Scorer Clubs to join the combat.

July 10, 2021
Greater Noida, India

TX Drone Racing

1 Night event
50 high scorer professional drone pilots, flying their custom built racing drones at the speed of 90MPH+
February, 16 2021
Bangaluru, India

RPA Hackathon

2 Days - Hacking Challenge
Around 5000 World’s brilliant coders will be given critical tasks to develop with solutions in shortest time.
March 14, 2021
Mumbai, India

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