As, world robotics championship is held by TECHNOXIAN, where you can showcase your talent to make a robot from a scratch and artificial technologies. The emphasis is on both applied and theoretical robotics and automation issues. In this context, robotics refers to intelligent machines and systems, whereas automation refers to the use of automated methods in various applications to improve performance and productivity. The Society organises several conferences, including the annual International Conference on Robotics and Automation. So learn more about this futuristic, exiting world of robotics please join TECHNOXIAN’s membership program, where you will find multiple exciting things to learn.
TECHNOXIAN offers you live virtual training sessions. So you can learn the expert’s tips and tricks to sharpen your skills in the final battleground. TECHNOXIAN offers the member’s to participate in the various championships to know more about this adventurous world of robotics and find your space. You can learn with the industry experts across the globe by attending seminars held by TECHNOXIAN.
India, a nation of youth, where technology enthusiast is finding the place to learn more about robotics, TECHNOXIAN, a credible platform to enhance the robotic education and information among the students as well as institutes is offering you the networking of the world’s finest robotic communities in its membership program. You can showcase your vision, creativity and design to the world. Membership also offers you multiple ROBO clubs to join where you can also see the ranking of your club and shine like star. Visit the website link to see interesting videos.


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