Technoxian World Robotics Championship 2023: A Global Stage for Robotics Enthusiasts.

Technoxian, a global platform for robotics and artificial intelligence enthusiasts, is all set to host the 7th edition of the World Robotics Championship in July 2023. This year’s event promises to be bigger and better, with participants from over 75 countries expected to compete in nine different categories of challenges.

One of the highlights of TechnoXian 7.0 is the staggering number of participants, with over 50,000 individuals from selected 5000 schools and colleges worldwide. The event is expected to set a new world record for the highest number of participants in a robotics competition.

The competition will be divided into nine categories, each with its unique set of challenges. The categories include BotsCombat, RoboRace, RoboSoccer, Fastest Line Follower, Drone Racing, RC Plane Challenge, Water Rocket, Maze Solver, and Innovation. This wide range of categories ensures that there is something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned robotics experts.

Winning teams will receive awards worth INR 5.0 million, making it a highly coveted competition among the robotics community. The event will also include a World Ranking of RoboClubs, giving clubs from all over the world an opportunity to showcase their talents and achievements on a global stage.

Registration for the event is currently ongoing, with the first 5000 participants receiving a Technoxian Roboclub ID and one competition registration. Participants who wish to compete in additional challenges can do so by paying a per-challenge fee of INR 2950, which includes GST.

The last date for registration is 30th May 2023, and interested participants are encouraged to enroll today.

Those who wish to register can contact the organizers at 9289095404.

The TechnoXian World Robotics Championship is a unique platform for robotics enthusiasts from all over the world to showcase their skills and compete against the best. With a wide range of categories and a large number of participants, this year’s event promises to be the biggest and most exciting yet. Participants are encouraged to register before the deadline and take part in this record-breaking event.







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