Automation technology will have a major impact on how we work, not only in enterprise and the NGO sector, but in our day to day lives. This emerging technology is quickly becoming the norm, and early adopter developers are at the forefront of Automation innovation.UiPath invites hackers, creators, makers and coders to solve problems, push the boundaries of existing tech and power up the next generation of software robots.

For this Hackathon, we are looking for those hackers who already have some knowledge about RPA or any other types of developers to join UiPath Power Up Automation Hackathon at Technoxian from on October 08, 2022 (Virtual). We are giving away $3000 in cash prizes at this event, so apply today for a chance to participate and become an Automation Legend at this Hackathon.

We are looking at three focus area for Hackathon Projects

RPA in Day-to-day life

Automation is here to stay. How we, as humans can benefit from it to improve and make easier our day to day lives?


Build automation reusable components and projects that accelerate business transformation and expand UiPath Suite capabilities.


Help a local NGO to automate a process or build a scalable solution that will drastically improve their operations, or find innovative automation solutions for local and national government agencies.

How To Register

  • You and your team members need to create and complete your personal profile
  • Fill Registration Form
  • You will be informed if you have been selected within 2 weeks of your application

Requirements and Eligibility

Only hackers who applied and been accepted into the event will be allowed to participate. Teams should have each participant apply separately using a common Hack Team name. It is vital that you provide as much supporting information as possible demonstrating your RPA expertise.

The main and only requirement is to use UiPath Suite in order to develop your solution. Otherwise, you can integrate into your projects IoT solutions, web services and products, or any kind of technology that you love.


  • The solution was developed taking into consideration the latest best practices, includes the quality and clarity of the implementation structure and/or frameworks used. The solution must be scalable and modular


  • The solution and the installation process (user manual) work as it was described, all the information regarding dependencies are correct. If you use external libraries, make sure to add them as project dependencies and not compile the NuGet package with them.

Potential Impact

  • Includes the extent to which the solution brings real value into the market or it accelerates the development process (technology improvement). The solution should be unique and not something that has been seen many times before. Something that is differentiated from the rest.

What do I need to use to build my app?

To be eligible for prizes, participants must create open source reusable components using the UiPath Studio in one of the categories. To get started, sign up for free access to UiPath Community Edition

What should I put in my video?

Aside from your actual app, your submission video is one of the most important parts of your entry. In fact, it’s often one of the first, and sometimes only, things that judges and voters view. Make a great first impression by following these tips on what to include in your video:

  • Tell your story step-by-step. Your video should include an explanation of the problem addressed and a demo of the app itself. While audio isn’t required, narration or text bubbles can help judges and voters understand your submission.
  • Keep it simple. Per the official rules, your video shouldn’t be longer than five minutes. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to upload your video. Keep in mind that the time it takes to upload/process a video on YouTube or Vimeo varies greatly depending on the format of your original video, the file size, upload traffic and Internet connection speed, and could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or more.

How can I provide UiPath with access to test my app?

You are required to make your code open source. You will be asked to include a URL to Github or any other open and publicly available code repository on your submission form. MIT open source licenses must be applied. Submit all of your source code files, dependencies and make sure to include the file types specific to the component category.

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

  • The hackathon is open to individuals, and teams of individuals, who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. The hackathon is also open to legally registered corporations or organizations with 50 or fewer employees.

Do the apps have to be newly created for this competition, or can they be preexisting?

  • Existing applications are eligible for this competition as long as they are updated during the submission period and updates are explained on the submission form.

Can more than one person work on an app and receive credit for it? And if the app wins a prize, how will the prize money be split among the creators?

  • Yes, teams are encouraged. If a team of individuals or an organization is selected as an award winner, the full prize amount will be sent to the submitter. It will be up to the winning team or organization to reallocate the prize money between the team members, as they deem it appropriate.

Can my app win more than one prize?

  • Yes. All submissions entered by eligible individuals , teams of individuals and organizations can compete for the prizes.

Can I enter more than one app?

  • Yes. There is no limit to how many times an eligible person, team, or organization may enter. An individual may also participate on behalf of more than one team, corporation, or nonprofit organization. However, if you submit two or more solutions that are identical or substantially similar, UiPath reserve the right to disqualify all the submissions or require you to choose one submission to enter into the competition

Do I retain intellectual property ownership?

  • Yes. By submitting an app to the hackathon, you do not transfer any intellectual property rights to UiPath. UiPath will have the right to feature all apps entered in the competition for promotional purposes.

Venue : Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex, New Delhi (India).
Registration Fee :

  • Robolcub: INR 590/- (Inclusive GST) per member.
  • For Indian resident: INR 2950/- (Inclusive GST) per challenge.
  • For Non India resident: USD 50 per team.

Prize Bifurcation : 

  • Jr. Category – INR 60,000 (1st Prize) | INR 25,000 (2nd Prize) | INR 15,000 (3rd Prize)

Registration mode : Online.
Accommodation : Hospitality Partners would provide accommodation at very affordable cost.

For Any Query :
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