With the commencement of this pandemic of this catastrophic human costs coronavirus, there was a complete change from up to down, and with these months passing, our lovely world has started readjusting itself either it’s about work, education, entertainment, business or meeting our loved ones. At first following the imposed confinement rule and latter social distancing, we resumed our works but now in some sectors things are going back to NEW NORMAL. Now, people are adjusting themselves in every sector either it is education, IT sector or any other.  They adapt all the precautions and guidelines which is given by government i.e. wearing mask, use hand sanitizer and so on.  During this lockdown period, everything went offline to online.  IT companies employees resumed their work with work from home.

As the pandemic has changed everything in the life of everyone’s new age opportunities has arisen in various fields just like in corporate business graphics designers, web developers, video editors are in high demand. Multiple websites are offering online meetings platforms, so along with this these kinds of companies are taking place in market and hiring in huge numbers of people. Advertisement companies are now days in high demands for the online ads solutions in terms of posters, photos and videos productions.

The days of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work hours are over! With the emergence of young entrepreneurs and passionate start-ups founders, there has been a significant shift in how businesses operate. There is a strong emphasis on understanding employees’ needs, making them feel at ease, and making them feel like they are a part of the company. Boring cubicles are being replaced with open office cubicles and no doors/no cabin offices, which contribute to a more approachable and open work environment, focusing on merit and professionalism rather than corporate designation. Aside from the office structure, today’s workplaces provide active employee engagement activities that serve as a respite for people to get away from their mundane work.

At last, things have changed drastically in business and employment opportunities. People want new things to live in their business. Everyone have their own start-ups company that they run in a very different manner and objectives.