Robotics is spreading its branches in all the dimensions of every possible industry these days. Considering the fact and its widespread applications, robotics should become an integral part of our education system to make the kids and youth of our nation future-ready. While education will be playing its role, something more dynamic and fascinating should also be there to make the learning process more fun. That is where robotics competitions like the World Robotics Championship organized by Technoxian in association with the All India Council of Robotics and Automation (AICRA) come into play. These competitions are here to balance the seriousness of the studies with the joy of creating things that belong to them and their innovative brains. Young minds want to play with the newly gained knowledge because that is the real fun. To be able to put whatever is learned and gained as theory into something tangible for themselves also visible to the world. It gives the best feeling in the world along with utmost satisfaction.


When the creations are limitless and follow no set rules or regulations. This is real education. When the brain is set free to think and make whatever it wants to. Some kids are trying to save electricity through these innovative robots while the others are baking cakes. The possibilities that we get to witness through these competitions are tremendously varied and endless. The greatest example is The Innovation Contest of World Robotics Championship by Technoxian where children and youth are free to mould their knowledge and creativity into anything that they want to build. These kinds of new-age competitive battles are the ones that are making the young minds love the idea of practical application. When they see that they made something that can be showcased in front of a lot of people and that can fight with many other superb masterpieces, they get the confidence. The confidence that they can win the world. The competitive spirits of these individuals make them true warriors as no weapons are used but it is their innovation that is the way to victory.


The skills that the youth develop by participating in these competitions are invaluable as these real battles push them to put their theoretical knowledge into practically possible technical mannequins which can even outperform humans when it comes to doing tasks. This push can not be provided by just those pen and paper exams. To facilitate the conversion of their technical skills into real formations, these kinds of competitions play an indispensable role. More participation of kids in such competitions should be encouraged from parents as well as teachers to give the young minds of our nation a 360° development.

  • The exposure to the skills and performances of the outside world at such International platforms and world level competitions is incomparable to any kind of education in terms of making children realise how much they need to improve and what the world demands.
  • The experience of working in teams and building something together by applying division of labour, leadership, team management skills, understanding & valuing the skills & expertise of each member; provides these children with the real-time working environment that they would be facing in their offices.
  • Negotiation and money management are the most important skills for any kind of work in this world because buying and selling is always involved be it a product or a service. These Robotics Competitions train the children in such soft skills that are never going out of fashion. They are the core of any job or business. Children learn it when they work together to buy pieces of robots and make one robot out of those pieces.
  • Confidence is one of the few things people of all professions in all fields need. Children learn confidence while showcasing their creations at such big competitive levels.
  • Last but not least are the skills of Marketing and Selling. The young mind when deals with so many brilliant people doing similar things, learns to present, sell and market themselves and their self-created products in a much better way to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, these skills would make them great employees as well as businessmen in future.


Except for these skills, what have you learned after participating in such Robotics Competitions? If you have not yet participated, what are you waiting for? Go, register yourself as a Roboclub member at Technoxian and learn the skills of Robot making, programming, & coding. After learning, go and participate in the World Robotics Championship and then comment down below what you learned at the Robotics Competition.