TX Champions’ Trophy is the premier International Robotics Championship series. It is run by International Robotics Council (IRC) and is contested throughout the year in different states and regions among RoboClubs in a knock-out format. The winning team is awarded the “TX Champions’ Trophy” and the winners are referred to as the Champion Team. In practice, the upcoming championships in which a small number of the RoboClubs at National or State level would play, by invitation or qualification. The success of championship will lead to many other open robotics competitions to be introduced around the world.

Challenges in TX Champions’ Trophy

There can be one or multiple challenges in one championship event. The challenges finalized by IRC for the championship, are Robo Race, Robo War, Robo Soccer, Maze Solver, Water Rocket, RC Craft, Drone, Fastest Line Follower.

2021 Championship Schedule

Bangladesh Champions’ Trophy
22-23 January 2021
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Malaysia Champions’ Trophy
22-23 May 2021
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sri Lanka Champions’ Trophy
27-28 February 2021
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Thailand Champions’ Trophy
19-20 June 2021
Bangkok, Thailand

Dubai Champions’ Trophy
07-08 August 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

India Champions’ Trophy
19-20 June 2021
Bangalore, India

India Champions’ Trophy
21-22 August 2021
Kolkata, India

India Champions’ Trophy
26-27 June 2021
Ahmedabad, India

India Champions’ Trophy
18-19 September 2021
Chandigarh, India

India Champions’ Trophy
23-24 October 2021
Pune, India

India Champions’ Trophy
20-21 November 2021
Chennai, India