You can not deny that Artificial Intelligence has entered the door and in no time it will be all around you. The couch that you are sitting on while reading this article might tell you what position would be the most comfortable for reading, the laptop that you are reading this blog on might adjust the screen light & font size for producing appropriately readable text for your eyesight, you might feel hungry in between then a robot that exactly knows it is time you have your lunch, can come to serve you food and endless possibilities are there 360° around you. Artificial Intelligence is the future and the all-rounder. Now that you know your world is going to change entirely sooner, what are you doing to prepare for it?

“The World is not going to slow down its pace,

Prepare yourself as it is a never-ending race.

To be able to survive & win chapati for your plates,

Do not be left behind and open the closed gates.”

Darwin said, “survival happens only if species are the fittest for the current environment and conditions”.

You need to learn and unlearn a lot every day. The world is meant for constant change and you are meant for evolution. In India, we are welcoming Artificial Intelligence in every possible aspect of our lives. But are we fit enough to host the welcoming party? Let us go through the changes by the implementation of which Indians will become super fit for welcoming, keeping, and using Artificial Intelligence in their lives.


  1. Start with EDUCATION FOR THE YOUNG: By introducing Artificial Intelligence as a core subject in the curriculum of Indian education systems of states as well as the central board, every young mind will be prepared right from the start. From the very basics of AI, Robotics, Data Science and New Technologies related to Artificial Intelligence to the advanced level of Engineering & Programming; every level of education needs to be filled with teachings of Artificial Intelligence suitable for the mind of individuals based on their age. The most important thing is to make them aware of AI from the very beginning of their education to be able to make them skilled enough and employable for future industries.
  • Practical sessions should be there to inculcate the new world skills in the young minds like coding, programming, etc. One of the best platforms for learning it in the comfort of your home is TX ROBOCLUB.
  • Theoretical knowledge that asks for only a good memory is of no use in the era of search engines like Google. One should know that information is always available, the application of that information is important.

2 .Finish with TRAINING FOR THE ADULT: By training the individuals Artificial Intelligence Skills and Technologies who will soon be losing their jobs because of their redundant skillsets, every adult individual can be made to change and learn to fit into the new world. By giving practical training, a huge population of India can be saved from losing jobs. 

  1. In-Between OUT OF THE BOX THINGS: By educating the children of India from a very young age about Artificial Intelligence and training the older population on the skills and technologies of AI to make them restart their new career and survive gracefully in the new AI world, we can be ready but a lot of out of the box things are also needed sometimes just as a “reminder” that THE WORLD IS CHANGING, go prepare yourself. Competitions like WORLD ROBOTICS CHAMPIONSHIP are doing a great job in this regard. When we see on the stage, the greatest young minds making the greatest innovations in Robotics we get to see the reality of the world which makes us willing to run ahead. 


A long way to go but India will be ready. The largest workforce in the world is here. This is why not only India but also the entire globe is screaming for the preparedness of India. We will soon be learning and moving ahead to the adoption of artificial intelligence to the best possible