WAKE UP INDIA! – Robotics And The Future of India

As a developing country, India has witnessed several changes, particularly in terms of technology. The grounding of the most recent disruptive technologies is the next significant event that happened in the country following the introduction of computers. Today’s revolution is fueled by an increase of far-fetched technologies that drive the mechanism of software, hardware, and the internet, rather than a single technology. Above all, robotics is a miraculous tech-fueled breakthrough in the mechanical sector. Yes, we have been witnessing such vertical technological development for some time now.

A Brief Overview of India and Robotics

Most foreign countries are keen on hiring Indians for tech companies, Have you ever wondered why? India is well-known for its academic programs that are focused on technologies. Focusing on robotics as a discipline, India has become a great place for robotics studies, technology, research & development, and prospective applications.

With initiatives such as Make in India, robotics as a prominent player continues to draw global investments to India, transforming it into a genuine pillar of robotics expertise.

Our current routine focuses on the benefits of the internet and certain AI technology. A decade ago, who would have imagined such a day? The same is expected to occur in the area of robotics. We may forecast a future full of bots based on current relevant advancements in the discipline.

What Robots are Envisioned to Pull Off?

Have you ever heard of the Roomba Cleaning Machine? It’s a brilliant, yet simple and ordinary, depiction of robotics in everyday life.

The Roomba Cleaner is the flagship robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot. The cleaner on wheels is mapped using object sensing. It may clean the entire area and distinguish which areas were cleaned and which were not. If a barrier is discovered in its course, it can change its direction. Although the proportionate fusion of AI and Robotics has been a great accomplishment so far, such technology can be applied more advanced in the contemporary environment.

Defense services, service provider centers, and customer service in the trade and retail chains can all benefit from robotics. It can assist you, engage with you, and, if necessary, replace you at any time.

Not just with AI, but with robotics combined with machine learning, computation, hardware, and genuine software, we can see a massive revolution in the majority of what we do.

Dream robots and a robotic world of our vision can be created soon, thanks to advancing technology and rapid investor recognition.

Robots are here to Stay

Robots may be found in many aspects of society, including the home, government administration, and commercial centers. They are even replacing the personnel in normal warehouse jobs that take place in risky environments, putting humans at risk. Warehouse automation in the Indian industry has grown dramatically in recent years, owing to the enormous potential of robots in such professions.

We can’t talk about robots without mentioning Sophia! Sophia is an AI-powered robot who has been awarded Saudi Arabian citizenship. Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong created it, and it can express 50 different facial emotions.

Will Robots Replace Human jobs?

In India, unemployment has long been a major concern. It is incredibly difficult for a country with a high proportion of youngsters to put employees at risk for the sake of progress. The introduction of robotics may influence the Indian subcontinent’s already diminishing labor economy.

Based on the tendencies of past industrial revolutions, we may conclude that the fourth industrial revolution will have an impact on present work prospects, but it will also generate new collar positions with better potential to explore in the long term. Robotics, as predicted by experts, will foster new entrepreneurship and support the survival of existing businesses. Economically, it will boost India’s GDP.

Robotics Wonders – Near Future vs. Far Off Reality

There is little doubt that Robo-technologies are poised to reshape the country for a brighter and more beautiful future. It will transform how things are done and implemented.

The FlyZoo hotel in China, for example, has transformed the future of hospitality culture. This peeks into robotic hospitality demonstrates the bright and brilliant future of robots in other industries as well.

The adoption rate of robotic technology will be increased soon due to the development of its potential and needs. Robotics will deliver interesting new opportunities to every sector and people in the next years as well as in the far future.

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