Top Five Surgical Robotics Systems

  • Vinci surgical robotics system by Intuitive is the first robotic surgery device to get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for use in minimally invasive the system is used in various operations, including colorectal, gynecology, head and neck, thoracic, urology, and others. More than 1,600 Vinci systems are right now installed in hospitals across the world, and over 750,000 patients have undergone surgeries through this robotic surgical system.


  • The ion surgical robotics system by Intuitive is designed to let surgeons perform laparoscopic operations deep inside the lung. During the operation, the physician uses a robotic catheter to navigate through the tiniest and most intricate airways of the lung. This catheter is flexible to move 180 degrees in all directions. Other than that, biopsy tools, such as forceps and needles inside the catheter, help in reaching the targeted lung tissue. This special system applies fiber optic shape-sensing technology to offer robotic control of the catheter’s position.


  • The Mako System offers partial knee, total hip, and total knee function. This system allows precise implant positioning and a CT scan to achieve a 3D representation of the patient’s bone structure.


  • The NAVIO Surgical System also assists with total knee replacement procedures. But in this technique, bone mapping is generated during the operation to yield a 3D model of the patient’s bone structure.


  • Auris Health’s bronchoscopy equipment is another robotics-assisted system that includes a video game-like controller. The surgeon uses this controller to navigate the robotic endoscope throughout the bronchioles of the lungs. This system offers an innovative new technology to perform endoscopic procedures through continuous bronchoscope vision, computed guidance, and accurate control of instruments.

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