Why is edtech important for the Indian education system?

In the midst of the pandemic that kept everyone inside for extended periods of time, remote learning via digital tools not only made sure that students did not experience any disruption in their education, but also made learning interesting and engaging by introducing new formats and different styles of teaching.

The nature of education has changed since the introduction of online learning. Additionally, even after physical school operations have resumed, the Indian educational system must continue to use technology to develop new educational opportunities that will interest both current and future generations of students. Although improving the quality of the educational system as a whole will help students, teachers, and society as a whole, it is not an easy task.

Why does Edtech play an important role in the Indian education system?

Ed-tech platforms continue to seamlessly support online and hybrid learning even in the present circumstances. They have been doing everything they can to support the nation’s educational system in resolving its challenges. They are to blame for the fact that education is now accessible from anywhere at any time and has spread to even the most remote regions. On-demand learning, VR, AI, and immersive learning techniques, as well as personalized experiences, have all been made possible by ed-tech platforms. In this way, the ed-tech industry has made sure that learning experiences are interesting and interactive so that students take an active role in their studies.

They have also made it possible for education to transform from being heavily theoretical to taking a holistic approach in which students are developed into professionals for roles in the future. Although the government has been working tirelessly to improve the digital infrastructure of rural areas, many teachers and students still find it difficult to make the transition from traditional to online or hybrid learning. Due to the pandemic, it became painfully evident that many rural areas lack adequate digital infrastructure, which required immediate attention. Once more, EdTech companies rose to the occasion and offered incredibly user-friendly technological solutions that call for little in the way of specialized knowledge while also providing cutting-edge content based on NCERT. Leading EdTech brands are also providing training & counseling to the teachers to make this transition smooth.

Ed-tech bridging the teaching-learning gap

The ed-tech market has the ability to close the learning gap while getting around geographical limitations. Adoption of digital technology is essential today. However, schools also want to preserve a few key advantages of the traditional classrooms, where it is simple to facilitate peer discussion, teacher support, and group project collaboration. Hybrid learning is therefore expected to be the direction of the Indian educational system in the future. The ed-tech platforms that are driving this trend will be crucial in scaling the market and assisting the industry in resolving its fundamental issues.

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