What Is Robonomics?

Robonomics is an economic system that produces goods and services using robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation technologies (RAIA) rather than human employees.

Many businesses prefer RAIA technologies because they can work 24/7, which is significantly more than the typical 40-hour work week of human employees, and because they can implement various tasks and expand their scope with appropriate software and hardware upgrades.

Furthermore, robots can repeat the same routine, tedious, and/or dangerous work repeatedly, correctly, and promptly without complaints, strikes, or negative emotions.

Employing robots rather than human employees can fetch huge advantages for companies because

  • Robots could work 24/7
  • Robots could implement various tasks and expand their scope with software and hardware upgrades.
  • Robots could provide constant or improving quality of their work.
  • Robots could fulfill their work correctly and promptly.
  • Robots could do routine work repeatedly.
  • Robots do not complain, get ill, go on strikes, spread rumors, discriminate, quit their job without notice, show negative emotions, or shirk from work.

The most obvious benefit is the long-term improvement in people’s quality of life as a result of their liberation from hard, manual, repetitive, intellectually unchallenging work. People will have significantly more leisure time, allowing them to pursue more creative, wellness, pleasure, and self-actualization activities, as well as travel. We can expect no work-related stress, which, combined with medical advances, will lead to better health and a longer life expectancy.


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