The Best Scientific Ideas for Innovation Challenge

The World Robotics Championship is organized by TechnoXian in association with the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA)  every year in India in which more than 22000 participants from all the parts of India and more than 80 countries of the world come to showcase their unique self-created Robotic creations to win the World level battle. This International event will go on for 5 long days, unlike its previous editions that went on for 3 days. This is the sixth edition of WRC and is going to be organized this year in Delhi in the month of October. Excitement about this grand celebration of Technology and Robotics among the youth of the country is high. Among many competitions that TechnoXian organizes during World Robotics Championship like WRC Robosoccer, WRC Robowar, WRC Roborace, WRC Quadcopter, WRC Craft, WRC Maze Solver, WRC Fastest Line Follower, WRC Water Rocket, and WRC Innovation Contest, the Innovation Contest is the one that excites everyone the most and confuses at the same time.

For these Confused and Creative Robot Enthusiasts who are willing to win the Innovation Challenge, we are here with some great innovative ideas. Looking at the current scenario, how can one ignore the unprecedented humanitarian crisis that the whole world is facing right now? First of all, the best innovation can be the one that brings some help to people who are fighting this Corona Virus. This can be the best gift to humankind from Robotics. Though there are cash prizes attached with this challenge, something that can win over Covid would be priceless and you never know these government officials and corporate giants might spot you and your creation which can prove to be the best opportunity of your life.

A second great idea can come out from the Climate Change niche. If someone can create something that can help the world in either reversing the damage that has happened to planet earth in past years or providing some aid to cause no more damage, that too will be a human saver. The innovation will not only win the international battle of robots but also the hearts of billions of children of mother earth. A third great idea that I can think of, comes from the Disability Aid Niche. One can create a robot that can help physically disabled people in writing and dressing up if he has disabled hands, in reading if he is blind, in walking if he has disabled legs and much more can be done with the help of your knowledge of Robotics and Creative young minds. Just think out of the box and help the world.

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