Transformers Robot: You Can Get The Real Optimus Prime At Your Home

Optimus Prime, your favourite Cybertronian Robot from the Film Transformers, is available for you to buy. The Robot actually transforms itself from a simple truck to Optimus Prime when you ask it to transform by saying “TRANSFORM” just like the popular film series Transformers. I am not talking about that kind of toy that you have to bend and twist to make, memorise the pattern, and do the same every time you want it. No, all you need to do is give it a voice command asking it to transform itself on its own. Within seconds, it will twist & bend itself to convert from the vehicle structure to the Transformers Robot structure, amazing you from every angle of it because of the perfection with which it is designed to resemble ROBOSUN OPTIMUS PRIME.

Not only the way he transforms itself and the look of it matches the real Optimus Prime but also the voice of it. The Robot talks and sounds exactly like him especially when he says “I am the leader of Autobots”. You can control the Robot by installing an app on your phone and giving voice commands like attack, defend, look there’s Megatron, and so on. The Smart Robot follows the commands and reacts accordingly. Finally, we have the real and working Optimus Prime from our favourite film that we always dreamed of having with us. What a great invention for the toy sector and what a great achievement in Robotics!

Why just kids, all of us who used to enjoy watching Transformers in our childhood and also those who have dreamed of having an actual working small robot that can follow their voice commands and do what they say, all of them are going to love it. Robotics is going way ahead. I have always been writing about different robotic inventions of use to us, but this is the first time I have taken into consideration “a toy” because it is worth it. For the WORLD ROBOTICS CHAMPIONSHIP also, I have always talked of various ideas to make useful robots but after looking at this, I think you should also think of creating Unique Toy Robots for the Innovation Contest for entertainment and recreation purposes, to fill many children’s lives with colours of joy. You should definitely give it a try and who knows, corporate giants from the toy industry are waiting to spot that great new toy there.

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