5 Ways Robots Were Creatively Used Throughout the Pandemic

  1. Hospital Room Cleaning

During the pandemic’s peak in Italy, the Policlinico Abano hospital chain used UVD robots to disinfect patients’ rooms with ultraviolet light. The robots are capable of moving entirely on their own. As a result, human cleaners and patients could avoid potential Covid-19 exposure.


  1. Checking Patients

Doctors and nurses at the Italian Circolo Hospital in Varese used robots developed by the Chinese company Sanbot as avatars to help them check on patients around the clock to reduce exposure to Covid-19 and conserve protective equipment

. The robots were equipped with cameras and microphones and could measure things like patients’ blood oxygen levels.


  1. Helping People Interact

During the pandemic, Pal Robotics’ Ari robot was used to ensure hospital patients took their medication. Ari can also interact with the patients, so the lack of social contact had little effect on them.

A waist-high robot developed by ZoraBots was used to help people in nursing homes communicate with their loved ones during lockdown when in-person visits were prohibited in Ostend, Belgium. A screen, a microphone, and cameras were installed on the robot.

SoftBank Robotics’ well-known Pepper robot was also used to aid human interaction during the pandemic.

Four Pepper robots, mounted with tablets for video display calls, were lent to the Pitié Salpêtrière university hospitals in Paris during the Covid-19 outbreak, enabling patients to have contact with loved ones in the outside world.

Furthermore, Pepper can detect whether a person is wearing a face mask, so the robot was often used to remind people who were not wearing masks that face masks were compulsory. And other robots that used VoIP technology were used in hospitals and hotels where people were quarantined throughout the pandemic to help people stay in touch with their loved ones while remaining physically contactless.


4.Checking People’s Temperatures

At a medical center in Rwanda, robots developed by the Chinese company UBTech Robotics were used during the pandemic to check the temperatures of people who walked into the facility by using thermal cameras attached to the top of the robots’ heads.

The robots reminded people to wear face masks and wash their hands. Also, at a hospital in Bangalore, India, a robot known as Mitra was used to perform preliminary screenings of patients using a thermal camera.


5.Speeding Up Covid-19 Testing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, doctors and engineers at the University of Southern Denmark and Lifeline Robotics in Denmark began working on a fully automated robot that could identify the right spot in people’s throats to perform a swab test.

Using robotic arms and long swabs, the robot could reach into throats and collect samples for Covid-19 testing.


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