Robots are machines that are developed to assist humans in their work and emulate human actions. They were created to deal with repetitious chores. Robots were once limited to a few activities; however, they can be used in a wide range of vocations, managing more complex corporate procedures. Robots can do everything from clean houses to combat fires to execute incredibly intricate surgery. With its burgeoning startup ecosystem, India now leads the way. In which cases have robotic start-ups built a viable presence in the ecosystem?

We have curated a list of the top robotic start-ups in India from among the several top companies that make various sorts of robots.


Aegeus develops technologies and solutions for energy protection and efficiency across sectors and utilities. The organization ensures that electrical power is safe, dependable, efficient, and long-lasting. Aegeus works with its end customers from the design stage to understand their difficulties, build solutions, and provide services to help them be more efficient. Aegeus’ goods and solutions help to protect the environment, making it one of India’s robotic start-ups.


FlytBase offers drone agnostic software solutions for automating and scaling drone operations. It is the world’s first Internet of Drones Platform (IoD), allowing for the simple deployment of intelligent drone fleets that are linked to cloud-based corporate applications. Its exceptional job performance has elevated it to the ranks of India’s best robotic startups.

Omnipresent Robot Tech

Omnipresent Robot Tech, one of India’s top robotic startups, is the country’s leading provider of robotics, industrial UAV/drone, and video analytics solutions. They create industrial inspection and defense drones and robots, as well as the software that powers them. This organization is able toprovide its clients with unparalleled visual analytics and actionable insights by utilizing computer vision, machine learning, and virtual reality.

System Robosoft

Robosoft Systems is a privately held firm situated in Mumbai. Robosoft Systems is primarily an R&D firm in the fields of Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, and Automation. Robosoft systems began with the goal of becoming a major player in robotics. During its early stages, a company approached them with the request to design and produce a Robot for the very specialized function of HVAC inspection and cleaning for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Robosoft Systems has built a robot called DuctBot that is specifically designed to accomplish this work well, and it has established itself as one of India’s top robotic firms.

Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den, one of India’s leading robotic firms, is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Company designing the AI architecture of the future. The firm, created by a Neuroscientist-Designer combination, aims to build large-scale models of generalizable intelligence that can be deployed through meaningful applications across sectors to billions of people globally.


Solabot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the goal of eliminating losses due to soiling on solar modules and boosting power production, resulting in increased profitability in solar power plants by offering cutting-edge solutions to industry practical challenges linked to module cleaning. The firm has established a competent quality assurance structure to ensure that each dry cleaning robot or related service delivered meets or exceeds client requirements and expectations. The highest quality and services have earned its place as one of India’s top robotic startups.

Sastra Robotics

Sastra Robotics has established itself as one of India’s leading robotic startups. Sastra Robotics develops and implements robotic systems for human-like automated functional assessment of real-world physical equipment. Its solutions have been utilized by OEMs and Service Providers to accelerate test cycles and minimize time-to-market for their products since 2013. The constant pursuit of excellence and quality assurance has earned Sastra Robotics a customer base that includes some of the world’s most prestigious businesses.

Robots I2U2

I2U2 Robots has created the ‘I2U2’ consumer robot for personal and family use. It is a robotic chassis that transforms any internet-connected smartphone or tablet into a smart, video-capable, navigable telepresence robot. It enables a family member to remotely connect via a smartphone app and be “present” at home via the robot. This telepresence allows for freedom of movement across the house as well as video communication with anybody or anything in the house, for example. Children, pets, aging parents, and spouses These kinds of businesses deserved to be among the best robotic startups in India.