Startups training students to build Robots

School curriculums do not offer much to their students in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. But students have understood the need of the hour. They are doing every possible search on the internet to find content related to these domains to build up their skills and knowledge for the future careers of upcoming sectors of the economy. Undoubtedly, Robotics, Virtual Reality, the Internet of things, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence are some of these impactful forthcoming sectors that will bring millions of new job opportunities in the future. Unfortunately, schools, colleges, and most importantly, our education boards are still not understanding the significance of these sectors and the skills related to them.

Lack of skilled workers

According to a recent survey by Gartner, 57% of manufacturers already feel that their organization lacks skilled workers to support Digitization, Automation of work, and Smart manufacturing. Most of these manufacturing leaders agreed on making a long-term strategy to develop the skills of these workers to meet the needs of the organization currently and in the future as well. Despite these kinds of surveys which scream for the need to inculcate learning of skills such as Digital Marketing, Robot making, and others to be able to make the youth of the country productive enough to withstand the super-fast changing dynamics of the service sector; in the education curriculum of schools, colleges and institutes, the education authorities are reluctant to do any significant modifications.

How Startups are helping?

Many startups of our country have understood these issues and have come up with great solutions by bringing their own educational programs and platforms that offer theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills organized in the form of various live interactive session series; on Robot Making, Programming, Coding, and other new world skills. This is causing a great impact on the employability of the youth of our country as well as the human resource capacity of the world. The Ed-Tech firms are trying their best to bridge the critical gap between conventional education and teaching the New Age Technologies to the redundant skillset carrying youth and children of our nation. TechnoXian is one of the several Ed-Tech organizations that are doing great in the domain. TechnoXian is an excellent platform to be taken as an inspirational education model because one can not only learn everything from the basics through thousands of great mentors of the subject from all around the world at one click and minimal fee but also showcase these acquired skills and knowledge at an international-level stage called The World Robotics Championship to gather as many opportunities as possible from various corporate giants, government bodies and reputed international robotics organizations of the world. Learn, Create and Win – It is that simple. I really wish schools could offer education with this Funda.

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