Manufacturers keep coming up with innovations in mobiles

Over the years, we have seen almost everything being integrated into a smartphone ever since Steve Jobs gave the touch of perfection to the concept of smartphones. The portable small gadget has transformed to consume and replace thousands of other gadgets and electronics like Calculator, Compass, Watch, Torch, Camera, GPS and most importantly wired and huge computers. The replacement is not the end of the story. The evolution of these features in recent years is praiseworthy as camera megapixel counts, battery capacity, RAM and storage, Memory, Screen Ratio, and all other specifications are increasing in quality exponentially. The cellphones have gone through severe metamorphosis to serve us for more than just calling and messaging as primary features. It is a gaming device for people like PUBG lovers, an internet device for those who do not want to carry their laptops everywhere, and a media player for cinephiles.

Possibilities to do more

But these days, all smartphones are going only in one direction. They are rectangular slabs of glass, with touchscreen interfaces, cameras, microphones, speakers, batterie,s, and an operating system to run all of this. Innovation and Creativity are missing. Though there’s a lot of scope in various domains of smartphones to experiment with, such as affordable wireless charging, unbreakable and stronger screens, Paper Tablet forms, Multiscreen capabilities, Infrared support,  Augmented Reality, 3D Scanning Camera,s and most importantly on how smarter can our smartphones become. The Power of Contextual Intelligence which might make smartphones capable of taking decisions on your behalf even before you think of the question yourself is yet to be explored.

Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry

Many technical changes and new product proliferation every other day have made the smartphone industry extremely dynamic, even if the market shares are highly concentrated in the hands of very few companies. The companies compete with each other to give better than others and better than before but they still need to renovate and do more to keep coming up with new and exciting features which are unimaginable. Smartphones can even be converted into Robots. Quite unimaginable! Right? A lot of great innovations of such kind were witnessed in The WORLD ROBOTCS CHAMPIONSHIP in India.

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