Robot car competitions in India

Our kids have really come too far. As we look back, we see ourselves participating in the lemon and spoon race but when we see the world right now, we witness little kids, teenagers, and young individuals of our country participating in Robotics Competitions. Isn’t it amazing? We couldn’t have imagined this back then even in the best of our imaginations. This indeed is the information age. With the overwhelming information coming in every passing second, the young minds of India are preparing themselves for the future.

Robotics Competitions are “the thing” these days. The Coolest thing that our young generation boasts of is the Robotics Competitions which is quite different from what we as a young generation loved and thought was cool to be flaunted. These young individuals are smarter. Many of the competitions like Robot battles, Best Robot Design, Best Robot based on Utility, etc are getting organized, the one that gives the real adrenaline rush to them is the Robot Car Competitions. If you haven’t heard of these competitions yet, it is high time you go and search about them because a high dose of fun and excitement is waiting to be added to your lives.

In India, the best example of Robotic Car Competition is of WRC Roborace of World Robotics Championship that is organized every year by TechnoXian in association with the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) where children and youth participate in huge numbers from not just all parts of India but also from 80+ countries all over the world. This is the biggest Annual Celebration of Technology and Robotics in our country land. This year TechnoXian is organizing the Sixth Edition of WRC in the month of October in New Delhi which will go on for 5 days. Last year’s edition witnessed 22000+ participants from all over the world.

Roborace Champions are the ones whose self-made Robotic Cars pass all the hurdles coming in their way with the highest speed beating all other Robotic cars and coming to the finishing line first. There are Cash Prizes as well as some great opportunities in form of Corporate Giants who are willing to spot and hire the best of the creations and creators of the world there. Such Robot Car Competitions are giving the youth a great chance to prove themselves and showcase the world the power of their knowledge that they have acquired in the information age through their mobile phones. One such example is Roboclub which is an educational platform of TechnoXian itself that provides live and practical sessions on robot making throughout the day. You can enroll in these sessions by becoming a member of Roboclub and learn to make Robot Cars and more.

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