Are there any benefits in admission in colleges if someone has participated in national robotics competition?

What you do in your free time when you are not studying, can actually make a big difference in what college you will get admission into. To get the college of your choice, you think only studying hard matters. No, you are wrong. A lot of other different things do add to your resume and might become the reason for your admission into your dream college or the best colleges in the country.

Colleges are interested in knowing whether you can bring them glory not just in terms of delivering good academic performances and achievements but also by excelling in Sports, Dance, Music, Art, other Co-Curricular activities, and Competitions like Robotics Competitions. All the other categories are a common thing to hear and have been getting considered for years now but Robotics Competition is a very new addition to the list and might have come as a surprise to you. Participating in national and International level Robotics Competitions like the World Robotics Championship which gets organized by TechnoXian in association with the All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA) in India every year, helps in getting that extra attention of the Admission authorities of these colleges and increases your chance of getting admission. More weightage is given to students who can balance both: their studies as well as the extracurricular activities.

Colleges also look out for self-initiative. For example, if your school doesn’t offer activities related to your interests or passions, and you have started your own club like the Roboclub in which TechnoXian offers membership. Starting a club involves planning, budgeting, interacting with other students, convincing teachers, etc. which offers a variety of learnings. These learnings not only help out in shining through the crowd who is waiting to be admitted to the same college but also exemplifies your leadership and creativity that brings their trust in you.

Additionally, long-term association with an activity or organization shows commitment and consistency. These qualities and soft skills are also valued during the selection processes of colleges. So, to create a holistic student profile one must not only study hard and get good scores but also participate in other activities. If those activities are National and International Level Robotics Competitions, it would be the best because the college would not only give you admission in its course but also consider you one of the most valuable assets because these are the new world skills and the future is screaming for it. Which college would not want its students to be future-ready?