AI Powered Martech

If you ask marketers what their ultimate aim is, they will probably say both better customer experience and higher revenue. After all, these two objectives are inextricably connected. Marketers need to understand when and how to engage with clients and what content they need to provide them and finally how to keep an eye on them. This is particularly true for business-to-business marketing, with a considerably smaller and more concentrated target audience. All of this calls for real-time data and effective techniques for data-to-action.

Wait…!!! anybody said, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?” When I hear the term “real-time data,” I immediately think of artificial intelligence. But before unfolding the AI impact on marketing let me drag your attention into a new term “MARTECH”.

The term “martech” is a portmanteau combining the terms “marketing” and “technology.”


In today’s digital corporate environment, martech symbolizes the confluence of marketing and technology. Martech refers to any sort of technology that has an impact on marketing operations, whether it is part of an analytical platform, a device-facing benchmark tool, or any other type of digital or high-tech resource. Most businesses with B2B have their own “martech stack” driven by software, automation, and data.

Machine learning algorithms and models enable SaaS technologies that allow marketers to collect, analyse and integrate crucial data in each marketing funnel phase. AI Martech driven tools help organize critical data from every stage of the customer voyage.

Martech paved the door for so-called predictive analytics which may demonstrate what can happen to marketers in future campaigns. These forecasts are always based on existing information from past campaigns and strategies and only your data and predictions become richer over time with machine learning. I can’t miss out social media and its hulk impact when writing about martech. So here it goes like, Management of social media is perhaps one of those most helpful methods in which a corporation may employ AI. Marketers can now quickly automate the delivery and marketing of their content and eliminate manual chores.

Martech is an ever changing and fascinating area. Every single day, consumers produce huge data, thus the use of AI in martech makes sense to expand their businesses.

AI Martech is a new playbook for marketers which pushes them from marketing automation to marketing personalization. The necessity for customization, reactive design and dynamic engagement has been spoken about for a long time and the introduction of AI has driven this essential commercialization change.

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