Swarm robotics is a new robotic field that adapts and replicates the collective behavior of natural swarms such as birds, honey bees, ants, fishes, and others to form robotic systems capable of self-organization, autonomy, cooperation, and coordination among themselves.

Natural swarms can coordinate simple behaviors into complex behaviors, allowing them to complete tasks that lone individuals cannot. Swarm ants can build bridges across large distances; termites can build mounds up to 30 feet tall; fish congregate in shoals to ward off predators, and so on.

Swarm robots are designed to interact with one another and achieve some common goals, similar to how natural swarms work together to complete common tasks. They are controlled by no central entity, and communication between robots can be direct (robot-to-robot) or indirect (robot-to-human) (robot-to-environment). Swarm robots have a wide range of applications, from simple household tasks to military missions that humans may find difficult or impossible to complete.

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