Do educational robotics competitions have an effect on student learning?

The advancement of robot innovation has developed quickly. Robots have been broadly utilized in different angles to help human’s inclinations. In the instruction area, robots have likewise been utilized as a learning apparatus to help with concentrating on fields like science and innovation. As of now, to empower the advancement of robots in the training area, robot contests are held with different sorts of occasions. The sorts of robots created to take part in robot rivalries are additionally shifted, for example, versatile robot challenge, measured robot challenge, humanoid robot challenge, flying robot challenge, submerged robot challenge, development robot challenge, block robot challenge, and VR robot challenge. The robot contest occasions are held broadly and universally. The reasons for this review were to recognize what sort of abilities acquired by understudies in the wake of following the learning system utilizing instructive advanced mechanics contests and to decide the proper learning model for the utilization of instructive mechanical technology rivalries in concentrating on the area of science and innovation. This exploration was a writing survey research. The exploration strategy was the Comprehensive Literature Review (CLR). This strategy has three stages like 1) investigating stage, 2) translation stage, and 3) correspondence stage. The outcomes showed that the learning model that was broadly utilized in instructive advanced mechanics contests was project-based learning and was trailed by issue based learning. The abilities got were to help getting science and innovation, to foster PC programming abilities, to hone critical thinking capacity, to cultivate imagination and advancement, to overcome any barrier among hypothesis and practice, and to rehearse cooperation and social abilities.

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