Big Companies & their stunning robots

Robots & robotics, These two may have so much impact on our future lives. Robots are human-made organisms that have the potential to extend human capabilities. 

The twentieth century witnessed a technological revolution that created new realms for electronics, telecommunications, automation, and computation. This revolution holds a pivotal position in history since it was the beginning of robotics.

Presently, Manufacturing processes that are more sophisticated due to the influence of AI are creating more capable & useful robots. The first-ever commercial robot was immobile, fixed in place, and focused on one task, often working on a production line. But today we can find them roaming on two legs just like humans, Most of them are used to performing tasks that appear to be dangerous for us. Our daily lives are also impacted by a growing number of bots such as Alexa & SIRI.

Real-Life Robots 

There are many advanced, capable & downright robots manufactured by some big companies. 

  • Sony’s Aibo is a robotic dog launched in 2018 with the ability to behave realistically up to an extent. It can identify its owner’s face or voice and adapt its behavior to its personality. this half-pet-half toy robot was empowered by artificial intelligence. Aibi can learn from experience and recognize more than 100 different faces.
  • Honda launched Asimo world’s first two-legged walking robot that can interact with humans, recognize and respond to several external objects and even navigate up and downstairs. Asimo is known as one of the most advanced humanoid robots to date even though it has no commercial function other than being an impressive display. 
  • Toyota designed THR-3 robots for performing several tasks including cleaning, construction, caregiving, or simple companionship. THR-3 is a hybrid autonomous/remote-controlled robot.
  • Boston Dynamics introduced a pet robot ‘Spot’ manufactured as a highly mobile, autonomous sensing unit. This feature made them capable of more serious tasks like collecting images on construction sites, conducting underground exploration for NASA, and analyzing the effectiveness of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Singapore parks. Yes…!! robots are of great help in fighting against pandemics..!! 
  • Bot retail is Samsung’s baby, designed to work in a retail environment. Its functions include showing products to customers, giving suggestions to those who are searching, and most importantly taking card payments from customers using NFC Technology. Bot retail can analyze human language & facial expressions to make itself perform accordingly. 
  • The Big Name Houston Mechatronics owns the Aquanaut robot capable of reconfiguring itself from an autonomous submersible vehicle into a humanoid maintenance robot while working in forbidden environments.AI empowered aquanauts can identify and initiate repairs on structures such as oil rigs and pipelines.
  • At last, we have Sophia, the first robot granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. It was designed to resemble Audrey Hepburn, she is defined by her creators as an “evolving genius machine” capable of realistic facial expressions synchronized with natural human conversation. Thanks to machine learning..!

Robots and robotics are evolving at a rapid rate and many big names from the whole world are interested to incorporate them for achieving business goals.

Let’s wait for a robotic revolution..!!


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