Science has had an impact on our lives in ways that our forebears could never have anticipated. Technological advances have enabled the scientific community to produce more significant discoveries. It also inspires not just scientists but also educators to invent, design, and innovate new ways of teaching science and technology. We prioritize learning via hands-on experience in this manner.

The importance of robotics competitions

The development of robots is a great indicator of how far we’ve come in terms of innovation. By encompassing all scientific fields, it has been proved that this discipline has an impact on manufacturing, healthcare applications, transportation, and communications.

The goal is to develop a robot that functions as an extended, intelligent tool that collaborates with humans to achieve tasks. Over the years, robots have played a part in the mass production of products and services, supporting humans in their job.

However, robotics is still in its early phases of development, and as it gains acceptance as a scientific subject, new challenges emerge. This is why educators recognize the importance of teaching robotics and making it available in the classroom.

Students learn to become active problem-solvers via strategic and logical thinking by mixing mechanical engineering and computer programming. Additionally, it gives kids an engaging and interesting method to learn science on a more practical level.

This also gives children a fun and interesting method to learn science on a more hands-on basis.

What students can gain from robotic competitions?

Various robotics contests allow high school students to showcase their designs and building strategies to cultivate innovators in our kids today. They acquire insight and research new technologies that will make significant contributions to our society in addition to gaining the technical skills required to create a robot.

These activities attempt to engage kids in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), improve their interpersonal skills, and allow them to apply what they learn in real-world situations. Each tournament allows delegates to create robots for a specific purpose.

Robotics in India

As the Indian IT sector prepares to embrace Industry 5.0, robots and automation have taken center stage. As the demand for jobs in the sector has steadily expanded, the number of students enrolled in college-level courses has more than doubled in recent years. Curiosity and inquisitiveness have trickled down to young school-going pupils as a technology that is all set to rock the industry floors and workplaces of tomorrow, with youngsters as young as a six-year-old enrolling in robotics training institutes to learn the craft.

As a result, the number of avenues for kids to demonstrate their robotics talent, creativity, and inventions has grown over time in India, with many events awarding hefty prizes as a reward for their out-of-the-box thinking.

We look at the top five robotics contests for kids, which range from engineering colleges to events organized by the Indian STEM Foundation.

Technoxian: World robotics championship

Technoxian organized by the All India Council for robotics and automation is named the largest robotic competition in the country. The Annual series of robotics competitions inspire young students to develop futuristic skills like creative thinking, problem-solving skill, leadership, etc. It prepares them for a future driven by the latest technologies. The technoxian consists of different challenges that require participating teams to design and develop robots as per the specifications provided by respective competitions. Champion teams will receive exciting rewards from the organizers.

This season, Technoxian 2022 is predicted to produce far more than previous editions. Students will participate in timed, heart-pounding robotics competition matches with their custom-built robots during the event. Competitors will be able to see familiar people and activities, as well as partake in the thrill of the event, as they have in previous world championships.

World robot olympiad

World Robot Olympiad organized by the India stem foundation is one of the biggest robotic events that bring together students from all over the world to develop their futuristic skills like creative and problem-solving abilities via rigorous and informative robotic challenges.

This event allows schools to submit a team of three students. Participating teams must develop, design, and build a robot model that looks and acts like a human athlete. The tournament begins with preliminary judging and progresses to final judgment. The India STEM Foundation is a forerunner in fostering hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in India via the use of robotics and research-based learning programs for school and college students.

SP Robotics Works

SP robotics works, India’s first robotics premier league with 50 robotics teams competing for the Robotics Championship. The initiative stimulates design innovation among young makers and gives them a forum to demonstrate their skills. It includes challenges such as Robo Soccer, Self-Driving Car Challenge, and Save the City Challenge.

Robots at war

BITS Pilani’s Robots at War requires players to build a remote-controlled robot to combat their opponents. At any point throughout the competition, the machine had to fit in a box with dimensions of 750 mm x1000 mm and could not weigh more than 50 kg, including the weight of the pneumatic source/tank. The aim is to render your opponents immobile.


Robotfest is a student-led autonomous robotics program whose objective is to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Bottle Sumo, Binary Block, and VCC are among the challenges. The event had huge participation in all its previous editions.

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