As the commencement of COVID 19 become global pandemic. To minimize the casualties, the government imposed nationwide lockdown. And in this lockdown, everything is going live either it’s school, colleges, offices and so on…To start a training live session, first, we must set a specific goals, strategy and management to manage things. When you want a online session to be successful, then interaction is must… it makes the session lively. And ofcource before starting, one should have better connection so that audio would be clear. We must try establishing a better interaction between learners and lecturer that what they want to convey with us easily they told without any hesitation.  From the beginning, we have to make a positive and friendly session and tell, them that what we are going to cover in a brief manner and also tell them about session duration: 40 minutes max in one go because online session causes strain on our mind (according to scientists). The person who takes over the session has a good communicator and knowledgeable person that they speak well, express their points clearly and have a good understanding about all the concepts and details. if anyone can ask any query, they have to solve them. The person behavior, attitude and personality are also vary but how they enjoy their work is important that how group of people engage with them. The person is properly dressed up and arrive early in the session to see the management that internet connection is ok; camera position is good. When the session started you give an overview of opening session and use a hand as much as possible. The most important thing in session is your PowerPoint presentation and how you present it in a very light manner. It will be so catchy and expressive that they impact a good frame on them. In presentation, the slides are simple, use a bullet point to express or a graphics, according to details the slides are to be maintain, slides not more then 25, when you are presenting the slides, you are at best place to position yourself and always maintain a connection with the audience and you are well prepared for this. When the presentation is going on try not to make a boring for them. Do create some humor and build a self-esteem to the person who learn the things with a good image. Humor helps keeps enthusiasm at peak level and it will we refreshing for all of them. The person has many tasks to do so, they know how to manage time and the people who can listen to them.  Try Not to bore the live session or any session, we also have to create a joyful and make learning fun for all of them. when you are asking an any questions to then try to make then understandable that they give a proper of those questions. Make a session participatory that everyone tries to involve and give their suggestions or point of view on the topic. At last, to make a session good and effective both learner and lecturer must play their role.


Give your views that how we can make our live training session more interactive?

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