Schools participating in Robotic Competitions

As a 90s kid, I can remember my school taking me to participate in various district, state, national and international level competitions of Sports, Dance, Singing, Painting, and Science Exhibitions. What I used to make in those science exhibitions as a kid were Kaleidoscope, Working Volcanic Eruption Model, Working Kidneys Model, and anything that already exists in the world. We just used to remold those natural things into small working plastic models. That too was our biggest achievement at that time. But can you believe that kids of today’s generations are making things that do not even exist in our dreamy imaginations, forget their physical existence in the world?

 Yes, schools have understood the importance of Robotics taking into consideration the future of the world, and are sending their little kids to National and International-level Robotics Competitions like the World Robotics Championship by TechnoXian and All India Council of Robotics and Automation (AICRA) that is organized every year in India. The kids are super smart that they have not only learned these new world skills but have developed their understanding of designing, creating, programming, and making robots this deeply that they are battling against thousands of creative robot-loving individuals from all over the world. These school kids learn a lot of other skills too by participating in such competitions like negotiating, communicating, and budgeting because making a robot is not a single-member job. It requires a team which means the team members should be sporting team players having leadership qualities, a sense of togetherness, and a collective vision. They also learn a lot about spending and managing money. These skills are the ones that can help them in their practical lives in the future when they will be adults handling the real world.

 The Colleges and Universities like IITs, IIMs were already participating in these Robotics Competitions making the youth ready for the future. But people out of technology-related fields too need to understand the importance of Robotics because Robotics is the Future. Hence this is a great initiative by schools that they are preparing kids from a very young age to make them more understanding of the needs to today’s and tomorrow’s Planet Earth’s life. The Schools are including Robotics and Artificial Intelligence into the educational curriculum and also letting their kids test the acquired Robotics knowledge by participating in Robotics Competitions of World level where they see the creations of creators from different parts of the world who think differently. Such global interactive competitions are a good way to tell the kids of our country what the kids of other countries are up to,to be able to have an understanding of the pace and race of the world.

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