International Robotics Competition 2022

Competitions in STEM and robotics are becoming increasingly popular. They are open to children of all ages who want to take on the challenge of building robots that can perform specified tasks. Additional competitions are held at the municipal, regional, national, and international levels. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and prospects of international robotics and STEM competitions, which will be centered on high school events.

Why you should participate in robotics and STEM competitions

Develop STEM Skills

STEM may appear to be a list of academic courses, but it also refers to the abilities that children develop while experimenting in various domains. As they learn more about STEM concepts, kids use critical and innovative thinking to build a robot that can fulfill essential tasks. As kids solve challenges through trial and error, they also learn to interact and collaborate with others.

Learn to collaborate and communicate

Kids who are interested in robotics or STEM competitions have a variety of abilities and weaknesses, but they all share a similar passion. Kids expand their peer networks, social skills, and confidence when they encounter people who share their interests. They meet new people and form strong bonds as a result of the achievements and tribulations that come with robotics competitions.

Taking part in an unconventional team activities

Although most people think of sports as a “conventional” team activity, not every child is interested in sports training and contests. Robotics and STEM competitions provide the benefits of being on a team, but instead of sports equipment, they use robots and tools. Cooperation, leadership, emotional management, and how to work through the highs and lows of competition are still taught to children.

Win scholarships

The abilities that children get through STEAM and robotics can help them prepare for their futures and can even pay money. Several robotics competitions provide scholarships, which can be a wonderful incentive for putting in a lot of effort. It’s also beneficial in terms of making college more affordable. Some colleges and private companies also provide robotics scholarships.

Top 5 robotics competitions for students

Technoxian: World Robotics Championship

Technoxian is the largest ever robotic competition organized by the All India Council for Robotics and Automation annually. The competition offers global students a platform to show off their robotic skills with 10 categories of robotic challenges. Its mission is to enable students to develop problem-solving skills for modern-day technology challenges in a fun and exciting way. The competitions provide a space for kids, robotics enthusiasts, and students to express their enthusiasm for science and technology while also guiding them down a route that will ideally lead to a rewarding profession.

The latest season of technoxian will take place in Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi from August 21st to 24th. This season, Technoxian 2022 is predicted to deliver much more than past versions. Students will compete with their custom-built robots in a timed, heart-pounding robotics competition during the event.

Interested candidates can participate in the competitions by registering their names through the below-given link of technoxian official online portal.

Robotics Design Competition B.E.S.T

Have you ever wondered what a box of materials and six weeks may accomplish for a group of high school students? The B.E.S.T. Robotics Design Contest is an excellent place to start. Teams must compete against each other to create a robot that can successfully execute a set of tasks within a certain time restriction.

Botball Educational Robotics Program

The Botball Educational Robotics Program encourages high school students to build an autonomous robot using coding and other difficult AI (artificial intelligence) tactics. They have around seven weeks to prepare their robot for competition against other teams.

FIRST: Competition in Robotics

Teams create an industrial-sized robot for the FIRST robotics competition. If that seems daunting, consider the rest of the challenge: teams collaborate with professional mentors, participate in community outreach and fundraising, and compete in a head-to-head field game.

FIRST: The Technology Challenge

The FIRST Tech Challenge allows teams of up to 15 students to compete. They can utilize a reusable robot kit to build a robot that can compete in an alliance format challenge, and they receive assistance from adult coaches and mentors.

National Robotics Competition

The National Robotics Challenge requires no special supplies or a kit, and students create a robot that can compete in maze and rescue missions. Furthermore, the competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as high school kids.

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