Next Generation Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Lab (NxR)

Robotics teams target students of all ages, beginning in kindergarten and progressing to college and post-graduate programmes. The same is true for those who want to start a coding club or any other type of youth organisation. The structure and objectives of these competitions, of course, differ greatly depending on the age of the student. Early education programmes, for example, introduce children to robotics and programming concepts, challenging them to think like a robotics engineer by encouraging them to solve fun, kid-friendly problems.

In the past few years since our foundation was laid we have been associated  with (NxR & Ai LAB) Artificial intelligence and Robotics, has played a major role in the transformation of student ideology any their path in their careers , Multiple vocational courses have sprung up , but with certain conditions like “ after attaining school leaving certificate “ here we provide parallel education with ongoing regular studies , can be taken as full time on inclination towards ROBOTICS , in the recent times the need for awareness of Ai concept is necessary for development , in that case it may nurture the student as hobby too , Not only will you personally benefit from receiving an education when it comes to income, career advancement, skill development, and employment opportunities, but your society and community receive benefits of education as well. The all round development of the student will help in maintaining a clean and sobre society , the parents along with school will also benefit from it in various ways like school representation in various competitions and advancement of facilities at home for parents with economic stability and greater equality .Certain benefits are as follows :

  • Learn basic skills for advancement
  • Gain Knowledge
  • Develop & Nurture Talent
  • Learn from Trained experts .
  • Gain momentum in life with like minded friends and comrades.
  • Grasp from abundant knowledge bank i:e world
  • Help’s in earning livelihood.

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