Robots are rapidly changing our lives with smart functions and protection capabilities. Tech-driven countries are focused on manufacturing various types of robots for industrial, personal, household, and business use, among other things. With a CAGR of 13.5%, the global robotics market is expected to reach US$189.36 billion in 2027. The digital sphere is brimming with new inventions for robotics in Industry 4.0, which is transforming the workforce. There are numerous modern robots in the digital world. Let’s take a look at the top ten newest robots that will be assisting in the digital world in 2022.

Top ten newest robots in the digital world in 2022

Cooking robot

Robot cooker is thriving as one of the newest robots in the digital world. Robotics advancements have enabled the newest robot to cook over 3000 meals by the standards of eight popular Chinese culinary schools. The robot resembles a massive multi-cuisine machine that has replaced human cooks in almost all Chinese restaurants.

Robot artist

Artist robots are popular in Industry 4.0 because they can create portraits of any object in three minutes. This latest robot can analyze a specific photo and create a beautiful sketch of the object or human participants. This newest digital robot is flourishing in retail centers as well as eateries, demonstrating new skills for increased customer engagement.

Compact robot

Compact robots are the newest robots on the market, equipped with 14 servo motors and capable of speaking, face recognition, interacting, reading graphic books, and much more. These motors can move with flexibility and perform activities such as kung fu, dance, and so on. These new robots are small and portable, with 4G LTE connectivity and object detection power.

Robot maid

Maid robots are gaining popularity as a result of the high demand for efficient household chore completion. Some maid robots do the dirty work of keeping the house clean. These new robots, which are equipped with UV-C light technology, can keep families healthy by sanitizing 40 different materials with varying textures. There are mopping robots, window cleaner robots, and many more which can remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas. 


Grillbot is a new entrant in Industry 4.0 robotics that is used to grill meats for barbeque events. These new robots can automatically clean, scrub, and scrape with wire brushes to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Helping robot

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high demand for assistive robots. The digital world is thriving, with new assistive robots catering to senior citizens, children, youth, and housewives – literally every target group. It assists busy people in remembering important tasks, reducing the risk of forgetting.

Autonomous farm tractor

To plough fields efficiently, the 40,000-pound autonomous farm tractor can be controlled via smartphone. There are six pairs of stereo cameras for a 360-degree view, GPS guidance, and image processing in 100 milliseconds.

Autonomous boats

The integration of robotics in Industry 4.0 with artificial intelligence has resulted in autonomous or self-driving boats equipped with high-tech cameras and depth sensors that use machine learning models. The autonomous navigating technology allows users to spend less time berthing and docking and reduces the possibility of an accident during any operation.

Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton

Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton is aimed at transforming the future of work, particularly in physically demanding industries. This is the first battery-powered industrial robot in the world.