AI Robotics Development Kits and Boards

Development kits have quickly become a go-to tool for electrical engineers creating prototypes in a variety of industries, including embedded systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, industrial systems, and others. Some of our most popular development boards are breaking new ground for developers by putting ease-of-use, development time, and power first for a wide range of applications. This article will highlight some of our favourite development boards and kits for creating robotics and AI products. These boards and kits will aid in the success of your next proof of concept, project, or product. We will examine two distinct components that are commonly found in robotics and AI products: central processing and sensing peripherals.

AI Processing Power: Computational Brains

When developing AI and robotics systems, it is critical to use products with sufficient processing power to support your system’s requirements. And the more complicated the system, the more processing power is required. These top development boards and kits are designed to serve as the central processing unit for complex robotics and AI systems.

AI ML Board for Arrow Development Tools

Arrow Development Instruments AI ML Board is a 96-board development Single Board Computer that is ideal for AI and complex robotics applications. It is intended, like the other tools in the Jetson product family, to be a developer’s go-to tool for deploying and developing AI and machine learning applications.

The AI ML Board is based on the powerful NXP i.MX 8X SoC and includes a quad-core 64-bit Arm-A35 processor, as well as a dedicated GPU and VPU. This development board’s powerhouse is specifically designed for industrial and automotive application development. The board already includes a slew of peripherals, including temperature sensors, a quad-array microphone system, a WiFi-Bluetooth combo module, and a slew of peripheral connectors. The AI ML board also includes high-speed and low-speed expansion headers that are compatible with 96boards compliant mezzanine cards. This allows it to be quickly expanded for a wide range of custom applications.

Sensors and Actuators in Artificial Intelligence: The Controlling/Sensing Braun

Without a keyboard and mouse, a computer is essentially useless. When it comes to AI robotics, the best AI and control algorithms are useless unless they are executed by sensors and actuators. Below are some of our favourite development kits for quickly prototyping and creating a proof of concept. Many end-use AI and robotics applications will eventually necessitate a discrete design of individually selected components, resulting in a proprietary and custom design. However, nearly all AI and robotics development and prototyping begins with development boards and kits, such as those described in this article. More information on some of our best development boards and development kits can be found here..