Youth and Robotics

Youth is always ready to explore new things and work on new ideas. They are very open to accepting the changes. The kind of participation from the youth that is seen nowadays in Robotics and Technology competitions is unbelievable. The World Robotics Championship which was organized by TechnoXian in association with AICRA saw more than 22,000 participants in the year 2020 from more than 20 countries all around the world including great engagement from the youth of all the states of India. Not only students are trying to shift from those conventional useless and redundant education to learn new world skills like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Automation, but also working professionals have started to understand that their jobs will soon vanish and new jobs in the sector of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will be created. A significant number of working professionals have enrolled in the courses of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Machine Languages, Python, C, C++, and Robotics on the online education platforms according to a report. These young working professionals are preparing for future jobs and have understood the demand. It seems like the youth is predicting the future really well. When young and creative people learn new skills, they put their acquired education in no set boundary. With endless possibilities and a newly acquired skillset, unimaginable things can be formed. The best place to witness this is the World Robotics Championship by TechnoXian every year where the grand celebration of robotics takes place. Our kids become the warriors and their self-created unique robots become their weapons. The battle goes on for 3 days but this time it will go on for 5 days, looking at the huge participation rate from all over the world. The championship will be organized in Delhi in October. All the corporate giants’ eyes are there, willing to spot and hire the most creative mind with the best utility robot. These contests’ participation rates show us that the youth understands the significance of Robotics for the future.