• 300+ Teams participating in Quadcopter Championship Challenge.
  • All participants will get certification of Participation from "All India Council for Robotics & Automation(AICRA)" . Team Coach will get separate certificate.
  • Cash Awards INR 100,000/- to winning teams.

Water Rocket Championship Challenge:

  • The competition area has is a special place defined for the rocket's operation (hereafter COMPETITION FIELD).
  • At the competition, each entry must pass a visual inspection and height requirement in order to be eligible to compete. Entries that fail inspection will be given ONE opportunity to make modifications to pass inspection prior to the beginning of the water rocket launching competition.
  • The rocket will be launched at an angle of approximately a 90 degree using 355 ml (milliliters) of water and 70 psi of air pressure. The hang time of the rocket will be measured using a stopwatch. Launch angle will be kept the same for all rockets launched at the competition.
  • The hang time is defined as the time from the point when the rocket leaves the launch pad until the time it reaches the ground or strikes an object. This measurement will be recorded by at least three qualified judges, with the average hang time used to determine the final hangs time score.
  • The final score for hang time will be calculated based on the maximum hang time recorded during the competition, using the following formula:


Hang time: There are optical sensors that detect the rocket's start and stop movement. When the rocket take off from the launcher, the timer automatically starts to count the hang time. As the robot reaches earth, the timer automatically stops and the recorded time value is saved.

Team scoring maximum points as per following norms will be considered as winner.

Game Points:

  • 10 Points: Patch design.
  • Hang Time Points: For every second of hang time, 5 points will be awarded.
  • Landing Accuracy Points: There will be 3 zones in landing area. Landing in different zone will ensure some points accumulation. The longest will give maximum points.

YouTube & Instagram Points:

  • 5 Points: YouTube likes (1 Point for each 50 Likes).
  • 5 Points: Instagram likes (1 Point for each 50 Likes).
  • Record your video or take a picture of your team preparing for TechnoXian Championship. The procedure to send us your video & photo is,
    • For Video: Mail your video to social.technoxian18@gmail.com.
    • For Picture: For any Query: +91 7834999917.
  • After scrutiny, we will upload that video/Pic on TechnoXian YouTube channel or Instagram and update you.
  • Maximum 5 points will be awarded to teams based on number of likes on your video/Pic. 1 point will be given on each 50 likes.
  • Final likes will be calculated before 7 days of the championship.
  • Dimensions of the field: The playing-field is 200mtr X 100mtr. The field is marked by a white line which is part of the playing-field. Around the playing-field, beyond the white line, is an outer area of 20mtr.
  • Start Point: A center line will be drawn on the field where the launcher will be placed.
  • Penalty areas: The penalty areas are marked by a white line. The line is part of the area. A rocket is considered inside the Penalty Area when it is completely inside.

Construction of Rocket:

  • The pressure vessel must be ONE (1) clear plastic, Maximum 2-liter size bottle (i.e., no colored/tinted bottles allowed for the pressure vessel).
  • Water and air pressure will be the sole source of propellant. At competition, the water volume (355ml) will be measured and placed in the rocket fuel chamber.
  • Metal, glass, hard plastic, rocks, Styrofoam, or spikes cannot be used to construct the rocket. Use of these materials will automatically disqualify the team from the competition.
  • On the bottom of the rocket, 7.5 cm from the throat of the exit plane must be clear of any coverage (paint, markings, drawings, etc.).
  • The maximum allowed total height of the rocket is 76.0 cm.
  • The nose-cone tip must have a minimum radius of 1.5 cm.
  • The fins may extend to the throat exit plane.
  • Note:  No forward-swept types of fins are allowed to be used on the rocket.
  • The maximum fin-width distance from the bottle is 10.0 cm (or 16.5 cm from the center of the bottle axis).
  • The use of parachutes is NOT allowed.

Construction: Any robot kit or building material may be used, as long as the robot fits the above specifications and as long as the design and construction are primarily the original work of the team.

  • Game procedure and length of a game will consist of 10min duration.
  • The game clock will run for the duration without stopping (except if or when a referee wants to consult an official). The game clock will be run by a referee or a referee assistant.
  • Teams are supposed to be at their inspection table 5 minutes before their game starts. To be at the inspection table does not count in favor of this time limit. If a team does not report within 5 minutes of the game start, it forfeits the game.

Team Members & Mentors:

  • Only one mentor in the team is allowed as a technical advisor having mentor is not mendatory.
  • The technical advisor will be seated in a supervisory position around the competition area.
  • The technical advisor is not allowed to touch or repair the robot during the competition.
  • The technical advisor should not be involved in the programming of the robot.
  • In case of the technical advisor interference with the robot or referee decisions during the competition, the team will risk being disqualified.

Fair Play:

  • Robots that cause deliberate interference with other robots or damage to the field will be disqualified.
  • Humans that cause deliberate interference with robots or damage to the field will be disqualified.
  • It is expected that the aim of all teams is to play a fair and clean game.


  • Participants who misbehave may be asked to leave the competition area and risk being disqualified from the contest.
  • The rules will be enforced at the discretion of the referees, officials, and local law enforcement authorities.

Organizing Committee:

  • The organizing Committee is a union that consists of few communities and associations. The organizers of this competition are Times World Group & All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA).
  • All decisions about scoring, game play and timing are made by the juries. Teams should completely respect their vote and decisions. Members of the jury will be from different fields of the robotic science.

Venue: Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi (India).

Registration Fee:

  • For Indian resident: INR 5000/- (Inclusive GST) per team.
  • For Non India resident: USD 200 per team.

Prize Bifurcation: INR 60,000 (1st Prize) | INR 25,000 (2nd Prize) | INR 15,000 (3rd Prize).

Registration mode: Online.

Accommodation: Oyo rooms on 1st come, 1st serve basis. Tariff between INR 500 to 1000 per participant per night.

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