If you love to engage with youth activities, willing to send time, want to mentor a team, have technical or non-technical expertise, there is a volunteer role suited to your unique interest. Find information about Technoxian Volunteer programs, volunteer resources, opportunities, and more!

Technoxian Volunteers make a difference in the lives of young people, helping them to discover the real-world value in science and technology. Technoxian Volunteers are people from all walks of life that come together to lead by example in the ways of science, technology, and citizenship.

Available Volunteer positions vary depending on the program and event. The following is a general description of most event

  • City Volunteer – Ambassadors interact with teams and serve as role models for team students and Mentors. The Ambassador assists the mentors to facilitate in their activities.
  • Awards Assistants – Awards Assistants are responsible for the unpacking, cleaning, marking, organizing, and distribution of the various awards, trophies, and medallions awarded at Event Ceremonies.
  • Crowd Controller – Crowd Control Volunteers facilitate smooth pedestrian traffic flow throughout the facility, monitor the audience, and keep walkways and aisles clear and the crowd flowing. Effective crowd control is critical to a safe and well organized event.
  • Field Assembly – Field Assembly Volunteers assist with assembly of the competition playing field(s) prior to the event. Operates the field control system, field side. The Field Control System Operator plays a critical role in match play.
  • Field Disassembly – Field Disassembly Volunteers assist with disassembly of the competition playing field after the event. Volunteers repair and reset the playing field after each team match. They play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining pace of the event and safety on the field.
  • Field Supervisor/Manager (Key Volunteer Position) – The Field Supervisor/Manager participates in field construction and maintenance; directs activity on the field to ensure smooth execution of the matches and plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.
  • Field Tech Advisor (Key Volunteer Position) – Works with teams and the technology on field to ensure connectivity between robots and field control.
  • Floater – Volunteer Floaters provide assistance in various areas as determined by the Volunteer Coordinator. Floaters frequently help with last-minute tasks identified by event staff and Key Volunteers.
  • Game Announcer (Key Volunteer Position) – The Game Announcer works as part of a team with the Master of Ceremonies to energize the teams and spectators, generate and maintain interest, enthusiasm, and excitement throughout the matches. The Game Announcer gives play-by-play commentary for each match and plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play while maintaining the pace of the event.
  • Head Referee (Key Volunteer Position) – The Head Referee is responsible for training, directing, and supervising all Referees. Oversees all scoring processes and procedures and has final authority for decisions regarding team scores.
  • Judge (Key Volunteer Position) – Judges are responsible for selecting team and student award recipients for all judged awards.
  • Judge Advisor (Key Volunteer Position) – Judge Advisors are experienced Judges that advise the team of Judges at a particular event. They do not vote on award recipients. The Judge advisor is responsible for assisting the Judge Advisor throughout the event, including providing computer support (word processing) and performing other duties as assigned.
  • Lead Robot Inspector (Key Volunteer Position) – The Lead Robot Inspector oversees and performs mandatory robot inspection and weigh-in processes to ensure compliance with robot construction rules.
  • Lead Safety Advisor (Key Volunteer Position) – The Lead Safety Advisor works with a team of Safety Advisors to increase the awareness of safety among all participants.
  • Lead Team Queuer (Key Volunteer Position) – The Lead Team Queuer is responsible for robot traffic between the Pit and the playing field. This individual trains Team Queuing Volunteers and stages and positions teams in preparation for the start of matches.
  • Official Scorer – Using tools provided by TechnoXian, the Official Scoring individuals are responsible for recording points scored by teams as they occur during each game match.
  • Referee – Referees observe team matches, identify rule violations, and call them. Referees calculate the official score of the matches and participate in deliberations regarding contested calls. Referees work under the direction of the Head Referee.
  • Robot Inspector – Robot Inspectors perform mandatory robot inspections and to ensure compliance with robot construction rules. The Robot Inspectors determine inspection outcome decisions (pass/fail), may also perform random inspections, and work under the direction of the Lead Robot Inspector.
  • Safety Advisor – Safety Advisors are involved in ongoing safety assessment during the entire event and work under the direction of the Lead Safety Advisor.
  • Scorekeeper (Key Volunteer Position) – The Scorekeeper manage and operate the scoring and field control systems, input scores into the system from the Head Referee, print reports as needed and upload data onto the Technoxian website as required.
  • Spare Parts Attendant – This Volunteer team consists of a minimum of two individuals who are responsible for managing distribution of spare kit of parts materials to teams and loaning control system parts.
  • Team Activities – Assist with setup and breakdown of team activity space, oversees activity area, and assists with an organized rotation of teams in and out of each activity.
  • Team Escorts (Jr.FLL) – Help keep event flowing and on time. Assists teams with finding table space as well as the way to other areas of the expo. This person should be very aware of the schedule and needs to be able to keep track of more than one thing at a time.
  • Team Queuing – Team Queuing Volunteers are responsible for managing team traffic to and from the playing field. Team Queuers will stage and position teams in preparation for the start of matches. VIP/Media Registration and Information.
  • Table Attendant (All programs) – The VIP/Media Registration and Information Table Attendant assists the VIP Reception Coordinator and Media/PR Coordinator with VIP/Media Registration and Information Table operations. This individual helps to facilitate a positive VIP and Media experience at the event. Volunteer Registration and Information.
  • Table Attendant (All programs) – The Volunteer Registration and Information Table Attendant manages all activities at the Volunteer Information and Registration Table, and provides direction, assistance, and information to event Volunteers and attendees.

Deliverables by volunteers

Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida-Delhi/NCR (India) (25-27 July, 2023)



Teachers/Professors/ Corporate Professionals


The coordinators will be assigned with some pre event & at the venue performing tasks.


  • They will have to connect with faculty/teachers community and ensure communication about WRC
  • To encourage students to participate

During Event

Tasks will be assigned as per experience and knowledge.

  • Arena management
  • Bots checking area
  • Participating Team Management

Young Volunteers


Students (Undergraduate/ Post-Graduate)


The volunteers will be assigned with some pre event & at the venue performing tasks.


  • Connecting with Student Community on social media and ensuring communication about WRC
  • Encouraging Tech Enthusiasts to participate in WRC

During Event

Tasks will be assigned as per experience, caliber

  • Crowd Management at Registration desk/ Entry Gates/ Sitting area/ Performance Stage etc
  • Supporting Arena In charge.

Benefits for volunteer

  • Different T-Shirts to be provided by us on event days.
  • Food will be provided at the venue.
  • Certifications and Cash prize of volunteering to be provided by All India Council for Robotics & Automation and Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology.

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