TechnoXian Operations in Ghana

TechnoXian who is the organizer of the Internationally acclaimed World Robotics Championship in India every year in association with the Indian Government body that works for the growth of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation in India called All India Council for Robotics and Automation (AICRA), has partnered with Edubotics Enterprises, a leading Robotics Education Tech- firm of Ghana. The partnership is done with the goal of introducing  Online Robotics Education into Ghanaian Education to help the students of Ghana in acquiring the new world practical skills such as coding, programming, and Robot building. Ghana is embracing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) education in its new education curriculum i.e. sessions on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are getting provided to the students of Junior High Schools (BASIC 7-10) as a part of the computing curriculum to be able to provide quality and relevant education to the younger generation of Ghana to make them future-ready. Enrolling learners at an early age would them develop the needed skills and knowledge. This will have a huge impact on the employability of the graduates of Ghana as well as the human resource capacity of the world in the coming years.TechnoXian has come up with Online Robotics Clubs on its platform called Roboclub which aims at transferring world-class theoretical as well as practical Robotics Education into the Ghanaian Education Sector by enrolling the young and creative minds of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions of Ghana as members of Roboclub. Edubotics Enterprises is coordinating the formation of Roboclubs in schools by taking in the students who are interested in learning and building skill sets and knowledge for future careers in STEM. By being a member of Roboclub of TechnoXian, one can get :

1. The opportunity to develop Robot Building skills and knowledge from the Best Robotics Training Institutes and Mentors all around the world at one click.

2. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge to apply and build your own robots.

3. The chance to take part in 9 Categories of Challenges like Robowar, Robosoccer, Fastest Line Follower, Roborace, Water Rocket, Maze Solver, RC Craft, Quadcopter, and Innovation Contest of “The World Robotics Championship” in India to showcase your acquired knowledge at an International level where thousands of people, government agencies and corporate giants are waiting to spot the best of the minds.

4. An added advantage to be ranked by International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC). Club listing will be done for International Rankings.

5. FREE Live Interactive Learning Sessions on Robotics from 1800+ Experts of the domain throughout the year.

6. Interconnection with Robo-enthusiasts like you from all over the world to exchange information on the latest technologies.

7. To participate in District / National / International competitions.

8. To show Club’s Innovations and Accomplishments on National / International Platforms.

9. Great Media Coverage from TechnoXian Media for your creative ideas and works.

10. Sponsorship support from TechnoXian and All India Council for Robotics and Automation.

The Roboclubs are a great way to get the students of Ghana involved in Robotics in a very friendly manner. No new change can be pushed into the population at one go. Things take time and so are these new advancements in the education system. People will accommodate consequently.