TechnoXian has something for you, if you are looking for people who love making robots like you

The Roboclub by TechnoXian is inviting all the Robo-Enthusiasts from all over the world for being a member of it and enjoy the process of learning and making robots along with like-minded people. all this is done at a very minimal fee for getting such a great experience. The Roboclub is a multi-student live educational platform where practical live sessions on technology, designing, programming, and robotics are provided throughout the day by the same tech firm that organizes the World Robotics Championship every year in India for more than 20,000 Robo-enthusiasts from 80+ countries all over the world including huge participation of youth and children from all the states of India. The World Robotics Championship for the year 2021 is scheduled to be organized in the month of October in Delhi. People who are willing to be a Robo-Champion one day should definitely come and learn to make robots on this platform. The integrated tech firm at one platform gives education on robotics through Roboclub and at another platform tests the given education through World Robotics Championship. This amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge along with testing of acquired knowledge at such an international level is something that our education system needs to take inspiration from. The great efforts by TechnoXian in making the children and youth of our country future-ready are appreciable