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Once your team is registered for World Robotics Championship (WRC) or International Robotics League (IRL), you will become a part of TechnoXian community and begin receiving all communications from us. Your team will be given a Team Registration Number (TRN) that will be required for all activities during TechnoXian. Please note that completing this stage of the process does not commit you to become a team of TechnoXian. This stage will not be considered as registered team until you receive TRN. All schedules for registration will be updated on TechnoXian Calendar.

Find your Local Mentor:

A mentor can be your school/ college teacher or a senior person who would help you to form a plan for getting your team supported by technical knowhow, funded by local sponsors and guide you for all proceedings for TechnoXian.

Fund raising:

Participation in TechnoXian will be a life changing experience for students that inspire innovation and foster well rounded life capabilities including team spirit, effective communication, leadership, self-confidence. Recognizing the need for information to help new teams, TechnoXian has developed a resource team to guide teams as they learn the art of raising funds for competition. TechnoXian provides a toolkit and guidance to assist team to meet out challenges of fund raising.

Stay connected. Familiarize your team with TechnoXian community:

TechnoXian community is live on all social network websites where daily and weekly programs and information are updated. We appreciate all participants to connect with all social links and also welcome their comments, endorsements etc. TechnoXian has also introduced online social challenge to connect with more n more STEM initiators. Winners will also be getting rewards and recognition.

Sourcing kit of parts for competition:

Prescribed kits would be available on www.robohaat.com website who is the official kit partner for TechnoXian. Kits specification can be accessed from various completion page of TechnoXian website. And the same is available on www.robohaat.com. Team that need to have their competition kit, will be shipped directly to them at their expense.

TechnoXian team structure:

Each team is required to assign adults or mentor to the official team role for all type of contact. In WRC you are given the opportunity to structure your team as best suits you. Minimum can be 4 students and maximum 10 in case of WRC and 5 to 10 for IRL. The official TechnoXian season starts with team and event registration from July. This is followed by kickoff in April end where teams will be introduced to the new challenges.

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Inspiring innovations in the field of, Technology to showcase ideas, Learning's and rewarding globally.

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