Robots are taking up space everywhere nowadays. The most prominent and recent happening that confirms the utility of robots came through the Sony company where they announced that they will be using robots for making their television sets from now onwards and automation has begun in the production factory in Malaysia. Such a giant firm showing belief in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will have a huge impact on how the world sees Robots. This can make people think of robots as not the future thing that will come after certain years but the thing of “now”. The company has shown interest in replacing humans with robots because this will bring down the cost of production to 30% of what it used to be when laborers were humans. 24×7 Superfast error-free mass production with no fatigue can only be done with Robots. The company is impatiently waiting to grow and produce at its best to serve the ever-increasing exponentially rising population of this world with no compromise at all. Robots are there to manage and amplify everything to the required pace. The big step by Sony will prove to be a milestone in the journey of Tech-Revolution towards acquiring Robotics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. While many may feel that this will have a huge impact on employment opportunities, one statement is sufficient to answer them: The world is meant for Constant Change & the one who understands it, survives. Undoubtedly, Darwin’s Survival of the fittest theory proves to be the explanation for everything in the modern world too. Such a visionary he was!