Robotic development portal launched by InOrbit

InOrbit, a cloud-based robot operations (RobOps) software vendor, has released its Developer Portal. The set of development tools is provided to help roboticists and software developers in building robotics systems. API endpoints, SDKs, and no-code embeds are all available through the Developer Portal. It also contains connections to an increasing number of open-source contributions, such as interoperability standards support and ChatOps sample integration.

InOrbit also introduces the InOrbit Ecosystem, a collection of companies offering related products and services. Qualcomm, 634 AI, Digital Keystone, Ekumen, Zan Compute, Mapped, Meili Robots, Next-Generation Robotics, OLogic, WiBotic, and Zan Compute were among the InOrbit Ecosystem members of InOrbit Ecosystem. InOrbit is also working with 634AI on the development of a control tower to handle industrial indoor mobility. This encompasses everything from raw material tracking and real-time safety alerts for human-driven vehicles to autonomous mobile robot navigation and fleet management (AMRs).