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Multi Robo Shield


This product is packed with features such as a design that is so comfortable and convenient with an easy plug and play option.

The customers will get amused by the product’s precision and accuracy in the calculation at a speed you can never imagine.

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The shield is equipped with multiple sensors, motors connectivity ports and comes with great battery life. These shields are the best choice for robot projects.

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Tech Specification

SIZE 55mm x 63mm
Colour Black
Driver inbuilt
Jumper need No
Motor driver L293D
Motor Connector Yes
Servo 5 servo connections
Extra Pins 3
I2C Port yes
Plug And Play yes
Receiver Inbuilt
Frequency 2.4GHz global open ISM Band with license free
Channel 10channel
Voltage 5v to 15v
Transmit Power +20dBm <
Speed 2MB/s
Module NRF24L01+PA+LNA SMA
Range 100mtr to 800mtr (According to Area)