International Robotics Council (IRC) is the governing body to chart the progression of the national teams under its umbrella. The IRC world ranking is an important component of World Robotics Championship. It is intertwined with a number of FIFA competitions, meaning that it has a direct bearing on the futures of national teams.

What is IRC World RoboClubs Ranking ?

As the name suggests, the IRC world ranking is a method of ranking RoboClubs worldwide used by Robotic’s world championships governing body. The ranking applies to IRC’s member associations and TechnoXian RoboClubs.
IRC publishes an updated ranking each quarter (3 months), taking into account IRC recognised robotics championships that have been played during the course of the previouw quarter.
In theory, the calculation procedure means that the most successful teams will rise to the top of the ranking.

IRC World Ranking Procedure

The IRC World Ranking is a points – based system which takes into account all International championships played by a RoboClub over the course of every quarter. A RoboClub’s total number of points is calculated by adding the average number of points gained during championships in the past quarter to the average number of points gained from championships older than a quarter (which depreciates year-on-year).
So at its most basic, IRC world ranking is determined by the following: 3 month average + previous 9 month average. 

Calculation of Points

IRC has devised a formula for calculating the number of points a RoboClub can gain from a single championship (P) which is dependent on the following factors:

  • Was the championship won or drawn ? (M)
  • How important was the championship ? (I)
  • How strong was the opposing RoboClub and the country to which they belong ? (T & C)

So the formula is as follows: P = M x I x C

Calculating 'M'

RoboClubs gain Ten points for a win, 5 points for a draw and Zero for a defeat.

Calculating 'I'

The importance of a championship is rated from 1 to 4 depends on whether it is a TX WRC (100), TX Championship Trophy (30), technology specific championship i.e. TX Drone Racing or TX BotCombat Super League (50), or a IRC listed national championships (20).

Calculating 'C'

The strength of a Country takes into account the number of victories from its teams in the last one year period.

The calculation is limited to IRC approved championships, and between TechnoXian RoboClubs only in order to avoid distortion, according to IRD.

What is IRC Ranking Used For?

As well as being used to chart the progression of RoboClubs, the IRC world ranking has been used for the purpose of seeding for the final and qualification stages of the TX World Robotics Championship.