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TechnoXian has set up Grant Support System for WRC participants that actually assist team to raise funds from sponsors. Based on grant provided, the funds can cover:

  1. Registration fee
  2. Kit and technical support
  3. Travel expenses

Who should apply and what will you get?

TechnoXian encourages all teams who are in need of raising funds, especially in rural areas. With the help of grant, beneficial team will be provided:

  1. Mentors support
  2. Expert's advice for project
  3. Internships

Please note: Submitting a grant application does not guarantee funding for your team. Only 30 percent of teams may receive a national grant during an event. Relying on grant funds that you may get in future can get your team into a tricky financial situation. We recommend you to work on a backup plan, while you are waiting to get status of you grant application.

Frequently Asked Questions ( ? )

Question: We are starting a new team, how can we raise ?

Answer: The first option to raise fund for WRC can be your school's sponsorship. If you do not get it, there are many other opportunities to raise money for your WRC team and contacting local businesses is great place to start. Many teams have associations with companies that have interest in or may already provide grants/support to WRC teams - but often, the connection is never discovered. Also consider having your team's Mentors and parents ask their employer about supporting your team.

Question: I received a grant. Why can't I see it on my team's ?

Answer: There are two reasons you might not see your grant on your account.

  • If you received grant acknowledgement from sponsor: Sometimes a sponsor will tell teams they are receiving a grant before sending their team list to TechnoXian. If you do not see the grant on your account within seven business days, please contact TechnoXian Grant team.
  • If you received grant acknowledgement from Sometimes sponsors send TechnoXian a list of teams for which they wish to provide a team grant, but due to time constraints are unable to send complete funding right away. If you still do not see your grant, please e-mail Team Grants.
Qusetion: Where do I need to connect for my grants related questions ?

Answer: Please e-mail one the following for questions on grants. To speak with a TechnoXian Team Grants staff member, call (+91) 888-222-4445 or mail your queries at grant@technoxian.com .

Qusetion: I have been told my team may receive a grant. Should I wait to register my team and purchase product?

Answer: If there is a possibility you are receiving a grant, it is best to wait to pay until you receive instructions from TechnoXian. In some cases you will not be able to utilize your grant if you pay your registration or purchase your product before you receive the grant instructions.

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