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To know more about the DTF-AICRA Global Innovation Center: https://www.aicra.ac.in/global-innovation-center.php

Dear Patron

With turbulence becoming the new normality, there is a sudden increased requirement for a greater amount of sophistication in entrepreneurial excellence to navigate the dynamic challenges in the market. A planned strategic mentoring and patient capital support is required to provide scope and opportunity for sustainable development of small companies and first-generation entrepreneurs. A GIC (Global Innovation Center) aims to bring this Patient Capital with Guided Mentoring to enable collaboration in Design, Technology, Products, and Business models. This Innovation Centre, consisting of an Innovation lab, an Incubation Centre and an Accelerator, will be an integral part of such an ecosystem to help Innovators realize the Monetization of their IP and Get Defined Markets.

The Joint Collaboration of DTF-AICRA will Design, Build, Facilitate Finance and Operate Sustainable Innovation System within the Institution, which will not only generate knowledge and transformation but would also act as seedbeds for Innovation and new idea generation. The Institution chosen for Global Innovation Center will also uniquely differentiate the Institution from the adjoining peers and position itself as an unique developer and supporter of innovation towards social, business and economic causes faced by the ecosystem: A Sustainable Innovation program created, managed and operated by DTF-AICRA collaboration will aim to attract and guide upcoming talented, young, vibrant and dynamic Innovators who possess a business plan with path breaking ideas and concepts.

DTF-AICRA has collaborated to create 6 Innovation Centers in India. The first of which has already been initiated at Mangalore, Karnataka with SMVITM College on 09th May,2019. Click on the below link to know about the press release (http://sode-edu.in/inaugural-ceremony-of-the-global-innovation-center/ )

About the Collaborators:

DTF VenTures is a Venture Development Company working with International Venture Development Companies, Universities, Fortune 100-500 Brands, Funds, Infrastructure Companies, Project Management Companies, Aggregators and Change Innovators to create sustainable ecosystem by commercializing the IPs and Innovations owned by all entities. DTF Ventures is currently setting up a Nationwide Health and Edutech Network with emphasis on Technology.

All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) a not-for-profit organization is the apex body, setting up standards in Robotics & Automation and education industry as well as helping over 35,00+ members organizations and professionals to solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities. AICRA is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the automation sector through policy advocacy, and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector to unleash its potential and dominate newer frontiers.

Key Contacts:
Rajiv Bordoloi: E: rajiv@aicra.ac.in
Jay Sinha: E: js@dtf-v.com
To know more about the DTF-AICRA Global Innovation Center: https://www.aicra.ac.in/global-innovation-center.php
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