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Stock cars zigzag to the finish line. Spectators cheer. Pit crews high-five. It’s not NASCAR but a hardware co-working space that’s ground zero for the DIY Robocars race car movement in Silicon Valley.
In place of mechanics with wrenches are tech industry engineers and hobbyists sporting laptops to fine-tune their neural networks.
On this scene, NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit offers a performance leap into the autonomous arena. That’s because these enthusiasts — many racing in the 1/16-size or smaller “stock” car category — are discovering it offers professional AI on an amateur’s budget.
The robocar races draw in students, hobbyists and off-duty employees from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA and elsewhere in tech for weekend fun. “NVIDIA has become more relevant for our community,” said event host Chris Anderson, CEO of drone startup 3DR. “This is a proxy war for full-size autonomous vehicles.”
On a recent Sunday in September, a couple hundred enthusiasts gathered at the Circuit Launch space in Oakland, Calif., for a robo race. Just months earlier, many in this maker community of do-it-yourself racers were using Raspberry Pi, but now they’ve mostly switched over to Jetson Nano to stay competitive.
NVIDIA’s team took first place in the “stock” car race. In the “unlimited” race, which allows bigger-budget cars, Jetson was used in the cars that placed first and second.
More than 10,000 people across 40 countries are involved in the roborace community worldwide, according to Andersen.
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Thats really awesome. 

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is there any possibility for the UK ~ Ali sami Farooq