Artificial Intelligence v/s Human Intelligence

A lot of controversies and debates are going all around the world questioning the reliability of Artificial Intelligence which is in comparison with human intelligence. Man-made things are always questioned upon because God-made things are full of emotions. While artificial intelligence has got only logic when it comes to providing solutions to problems, human intelligence put its emotion into its problem-solving thoughts as the very first ingredient. This definitely can be called the biggest difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. But what Artificial Intelligence -empowered technologies have accomplished with their logic too can not be ignored. And the scope of future possibilities of Artificial Intelligence is extremely wide that we have not even imagined.

When humans have complete control of artificial intelligence-empowered devices, robots, or other technologies, everything would be great because it is the operator who is going to be the decision-maker in the end. Hence, comparisons should not be made between the creator and the creation as long as the creation is under the full control of the creator. With the immense power of Artificial Intelligence, humans can achieve the unachievable at a supersonic speed in a very minute time in huge numbers without getting exhausted that too error-free. To meet the demands of our exponentially growing population, this was actually necessary. Indeed, need is mother of every invention.